How to Apply Eyelash Serum on Sensitive Eyes

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We all know that eyelash enhancing serum helps boost the growth of eyelashes. But apart from this, it sometimes also triggers unwelcome side effects on your sensitive eyes and skin.

According to a study, people have experienced red, itchy eyes, sensitivity, and irritation. These issues are common in people with sensitive skin, which is not surprising.

So, if you are curious about lash serum or how to apply one on eyelashes, we’ll let you know with this article.

What is an Eyelash Enhancing Serum?

Let’s start by defining lash serum. You might or might need to be more familiar with lash serums, depending on your experience in the beauty industry. Lash serums were developed to assist individuals in developing longer, thicker, and more numerous lashes.

They are simple to use and, when appropriately applied, can significantly aid in the growth of natural eyelashes. When using a lash serum, people can make several common mistakes that could have adverse side effects.

5 Tips to Apply Serum on Eyelash

Apply the Serum on the Lashes and Leave It

Whenever you apply the eyelash serum, clean your eye before and leave till the hair of your eyes becomes dry. This is crucial as the moisture on the lashes can cause the serum to seep directly into the eyes. You can give your eye 5 minutes to dry before putting the serum on the lashes. 

Never Overload the Applicator with Excessive Serum

Globing on excessive serum doesn’t enhance the results, as the roots of your lashes can absorb this extra formula. This not only can go inside your eyes but also spread around or also increases the chances of skin allergies. To clear down the excessive serum, you can wipe the brush with the inner edge of the tube’s opening and then apply it in a single thin layer at the roots of your lashes. However, you can go with the second thinnest layer if you’ve missed a spot.

Brush Directly on the Lashes

It makes no sense to put the serum on eyelid skin rather than on the roots of the lashes. Moreover, it triggers contact dermatitis, allergy, and itchy rashes. You can use a magnifying glass for the exact application. Position the tip of the brush right on the roots of your lashes by closing the lid first. Starting from the inner corner of the lid, sweep it along the roots of your lashes to the outer corner of your lid. Also, remember not to apply the lash serum at the bottom of your lashes as it can irritate the eyes or even block the tear ducts.

Always Consider using Gentler Formula

The over-the-counter eyelash enhancing serum contains prostaglandin analogs and other natural ingredients. These work to forge and darken your eyelashes but aggravate sensitive eyes. For this, you can look for the MD Factor eyelash serums.

Sometimes you get irritation in your eyes no matter how best lash boost serum you are using. So if you are facing lash irritation, these tips will help you smooth eyelid irritation.

Symptoms of Eyelid Inflammation

Eyelid inflammation causes a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Itchy, swollen, or red eyelids
  • Gritty feeling in the eyes
  • Burning sensation
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Teary eyes
  • Crusting on eyelids
  • Dry eyes

Best Ways to Sooth Eyelid Irritation 

Here are the top tips for relieving eyelid irritation:

Use Warm Compress

A warm compress on the eyelids helps improve circulation and reduce the inflammation of the eyelids. It also unclogs types of clogged oil glands that are a possible contributor to eyelid irritation.

Wash the Eyelids

Improved eyelid hygiene can help relieve several eyelid inflammation problems.  You can clean your eyelids with a 50/50 solution of baby shampoo and warm water. However, using an eyelash conditioner is best to make the lashes smooth.

Avoid Potential Irritants

Wearing glasses is helps than contact lenses when you are suffering from eyelids irritation. Also, avoid applying any type of using makeup on your eyes until the symptoms are cleared up. You need always to use the best lash boost serum that helps prevent your lash irritation.

Steps to Prevent Future Irritation

It’s vital to take note of any type of changes in your eye care routine. This helps diagnose and future prevention of your eyelid inflammation.

You can further take some of these steps to prevent eyelid irritation:

  • Avoid touching your eyes, especially with unwashed hands.
  • Clear all the makeup just before going to sleep.
  • You need always maintain good eyelid hygiene using warm compresses.

Visit Eye Specialist

This is the last alternative to soothe irritated eyes. If all the above tips don’t work, you need to visit an eye specialist.


Applying the eyelash serum has a lot of benefits, so it’s essential that you need to apply the serum in the right way. Eyelash serum shouldn’t be applied excessively as it works the same you apply it in the correct quantity.

There are sometimes when eyelashes become irritated. However, treating it is not a big deal if done correctly. 

You need to always use the best lash boost serum from MD Factor that helps increase your lashes naturally and to a great extent

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