6 remedies for the athlete foot infection

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As we all know there are many microorganisms near us that can harm us in so many ways. They may not be dangerous but they can make us sick or infected. The same is in the case of fungi, it can cause fungal infections in different parts of the body. The fungal infections are caused by the fungus that can live in moisture and then makes home at that place. It can be in many forms and jock itch, ringworm, athlete foot, etc are one of the forms of fungal infections. 

You may have heard about the athlete’s foot many a time. The athlete foot infection can be caused to the feet that are mostly covered with socks or due to longer wear of footwear. They are very common in athletes and that is why named accordingly. It can cause itchy and can make your skin scaly. It can also cause a burning sensation and blisters near the toes. For this purpose, you may need to use the best antifungal foot cream.  

Still, there are many remedies that you must try for the quicker healing of the athlete’s foot. These are:

  • Use of tea tree oil: You can also make use of the tea tree oil as it is having antifungal properties that can help you. The coconut oil can be mixed with this oil and can be applied to the affected portion. It is helpful in easing the infection and dealing with its symptoms. 
  • The use of Neem oil: The toenail infections like athlete’s foot can be treated using neem oil. The neem is also having all the properties that you need as an antifungal. Prefer the neem extracts as well for wound healing. 
  • The garlic remedy: The home remedies are also a slower process to heal the infections. The garlic remedy is also a very slow process that will take a longer time. The garlic remedy can be used two times a day if done as smashed garlic. Use the smashed garlic on the infection for a consistent time period. 
  • The remedy of sea salt: Sea salt is also having properties that can help in treating your fungal infections. The sea salt can be used in the water and you can soak the infected feet in the water for some time. Make sure the infected area is covered fully in the mixture. After soaking wash your feet with the normal water. Make sure you have dried your feet completely. 
  • Avoid wearing closed footwear: If you are already suffering from the athlete’s foot infection then you must avoid footwear like shoes or bellies. Wearing closed footwear again can make the situation even worse. So, avoid it for some time. 
  • Keeping the skin clean and dry: You must keep the skin area that is infected clean. It will help in avoiding further skin issues. 

So, give these remedies try and use athlete’s foot cream India for the right treatment of the infection. 

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