The Best Time Management Tools You Need in 2022

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Time Management Tools

There are many inspiring and meaningful quotes about time and its importance. And I’m sure that even without looking at these quotes, you know the importance of time. Whether you are a student, an office worker, a father, or a mother, everyone has a particular schedule set up for his or her chores and responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be written down, it can be in the form of a mental checklist. However, despite this, many people fail to meet deadlines or complete all their tasks for the day. It is not that they can’t, it is just due to poor time management.

Oftentimes, you have a mental schedule and you try your best to follow it, however, you underestimate the time for the task, and thus, when the time is up, you think you were not fast enough. Or maybe, you had so many things to do, you forgot about a few tasks until it was too late. Maybe something happened and caused your schedule to mess up. The point is there can be a lot of things and it is impossible to keep track of everything going on at once. 

The solution? A time management journal! What better than to have a book containing a list of your tasks and the time and day of the deadline. You won’t have to keep everything in your head, you just need to jot it down in your notebook and you’re good to go. However, there is another problem. What happens if you forget your notebook somewhere? What if you’re in a rush and leave it at home and can’t remember what to do now? It becomes inconvenient when something like that happens. So, what’s the next best answer? A time management app! 

It is quite rare and unusual for you to forget your phone somewhere. After all, you do everything on your phone ranging from calling, messaging, emailing, and much more. It’s something that is constantly in your hand or in your pocket, which is why there is less possibility of you leaving it somewhere. Downloading an app, which is designed specifically to manage your tasks and your time is the perfect solution! Wherever you go, you will have your phone and so, you can check what to do or even add and remove anything with ease. 

Before we get into the topic, let’s talk about the download speeds you might need to use apps like this. Internet speeds are quite necessary for your phone to perform nicely in your day-to-day activities. Without proper internet speeds, you will find it difficult to even download the apps, much less use them. Xfinity internet speed is ideal for daily tasks and heavy gaming as well. There is a range of speeds you get to choose from, depending on your needs, so you ought to check them out!


Todoist is the perfect to-do list for your tasks and the best part about this is that it is available on multiple platforms: iOS, Android, and Desktop. You can schedule all your activities and chores in the form of one-off tasks or recurring tasks as well. The default options in the app include activities for shopping, personal, work, and errands, however, you can add or remove whichever you like. After completion, you can also mark the tasks as complete, and the more consistent you remain in completing your tasks on time, you will get a reward. The drawback of this app is that some features are premium and need to be paid for. However, you get enough tools in the free version to be able to manage your personal life and tasks successfully. 


This app is also available across multiple platforms: iOS, Android, and desktop and it is completely free! Not only this, the unique feature of this app is that you can connect your app with your family and each of you can add tasks from their own phone, which will be visible to everyone. This way, you stay connected with your family and you are aware of each other’s tasks and important days. After all, you can use this, not only for your work but also for your personal life. This makes family events, parties, etc. much more easily manageable as you won’t accidentally forget about something or add some other event on that date. You can also send private messages to different people to let them know what is going on. 


Trello is one of those hugely popular apps that you already must know of. Well, we are here to tell you yes, it is as good as its reputation. Trello helps you keep track of all your projects and tasks and it is also shareable with your coworkers. It is like a bulletin board where you add your tasks and then you can mark them “To Do”, “In Progress”, or “Completed”. There are more tags for the projects which you can find in the app. A drawback of this app is that there is a paid version for the app and not all features are available for free. Other than that, you get access to pretty decent features and functionalities to successfully complete your projects.

Toggl Track

This is the perfect time management app for your work. Toggl Track was designed specifically for professionals and that’s why it is ideal for freelancers, small businesses, and even big businesses. This app tracks the time you spent on any specific project or task. This helps to motivate you to do better every time and try to get things done faster. There is a free version for this app, as well as a paid one. Moreover, the attractive interface for Toggl makes it all the more fun to work with.  

Remember the Milk

The last one on our list is possibly the most trusted app for time management. This app is also available across multiple platforms and there is a free and paid version available for both. You can also sync this app with your Gmail account or outlook account. Packed with colorful lists, you are bound to be attracted to this and learn to manage your time and tasks better. You can also set up reminders to be sent through email, notifications, Twitter, etc. And if you were wondering whether the app can be shared and connected with others, the answer is yes, it can be. You can also divide your tasks into sub-tasks and add different tags for better understanding and categorizing. If you have used the app, you will also see that it has a cute layout and helps to effectively divide and manage the tasks.


Since the topic of this article was time, we don’t want to drag this further and waste your precious time, so we will end it here. There are many more apps with different features and functionalities out there, however, we had to round up the best and most popular ones. So, go ahead, save your time and we’ll save our breath for now and install the apps to get started on tracking our progress and time!

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